About our Orchestra Conductor

For the past 14 years, Bob Holzmann has served as our Orchestra Conductor.

Bob comes to us as a skilled and talented conductor in a variety of music style and is equally at home arranging music for the band and choir from time to time.

Get to know Bob:

Robert Holzmann is a native of the Cleveland, Ohio area. He started taking piano lessons at the young age of 5 and played clarinet and piano in several bands and orchestras in high school and college. During those early years, Robert taught piano and theory and earned top awards in piano solos, ensembles, and accompanying, and he was even the drum major of the marching band in high school and college. He earned his Bachelor of Music degree at the University of Cincinnati Conservatory of Music in 1976, graduating with honors in conducting and theory, with a concentration (minor) in piano.

Bob Holzmann

Orchestra Conductor

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Robert continued his growth in music and conducting at Yale University, the American School of the Arts near Paris, France, and individually with other renowned conductors in Cleveland and Chicago, including choral directing with Margaret Hillis.  Robert's mentors include Louis Lane, Nadia Boulanger, James Levine, Otto Werner-Mueller, Eric Roth, Scott Huston, John Bass, Jeanne Kirstein, and Thomas Briccetti. 


Since 1975, Robert served with numerous churches and Christian organizations representing a wide range of denominations in Cincinnati, Chicago, Virginia Beach, and Tulsa.  Shifting his direction from classical to Christian music, his experience includes directing choirs and orchestras, arranging music, productions, and technical systems.  Robert and his family moved to Tulsa, OK in 1998. 

Robert has been leading the Tulsa Praise Orchestra since 2002 and has done a tremendous job. We are thankful  for Robert’s leadership for these past 14 years!